Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is my message. Again. Some people talk to me.
But you don't have to ask me.
You have to find evidence of Brightly.
I don't know where is. But is among us.
Open your eyes. Find Brightly. Send me proof.
We can stop it. Together.
Monday I will be in Florence. 'Cause I have a mark. A plan.

Everything is quite here.
It's nice. And relaxing.
Future is like a Tower of Babel.

Everything, I mean everything is audio and video.
Everything wants to talk to you.
Here, I can still chat with strangers on the street.

However, shadow of Brightly is around us. Around you.

They can satisfy expectations people never knew they had.
Brightly found solutions to problems people started to ask themselves.

So the people fall very quickly.
This is Brightly strength.

They didn't make written word illegal.
They did worse than that.
They made it old. Ancient. And useless.

Brightly created a new way to communicate.
A new era that killed text.

Images are direct, more immediate and efficient.
Brightly knows you are ready to switch text in fascinating images.

In 2059 there is no more time for pleasure.
Reading and writing requires attention and concentration.


p.s. Hi Anna! I hope everything is well. Today I felt so lonely. I really missed you. So I went to the supermarket, I would feel as if you were nearby. I was surrounded by the boxes you collect.
I will not let myself be discouraged!

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Unknown said...

could text and words become a secret code for elite people ?

Merci pour votre travail et votre message !