Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The logo initially appeared in the north, but maybe they don’t have just one headquarter.
I don’t know how many they are.
Brightly is going to take its first steps. Please keep your eyes open. Is around You.

I had a dream last night.
A huge crowd of letters of every color and character screaming to me:
“Help... Help us!”
I must save Text.
This is my mission, and I need you. To help me.
My efforts will be worthless without you.
Please, trust me.
I’ve shown you what happened to text in the future. That will be your future.
Now, we must team together to stop Brightly.

P.S. Hi Anne. Almost nobody believes me. If no one trusts me, they will not open their eyes. But I will not let this happen again. I remember your last words. So I feel strong. Again.

1 comment:

Evan Lewis said...

That's worrying.

You've got my help in stopping brightly. I will do anything necessary to save the written language.