Friday, September 14, 2007


This message came to me yesterday:

Hi, my name is Giulia. I can't figure out if what happened to me is a joke or not. I was looking to a photograph of mine body piercing. And there is a strange reflection on it. Then, I discovered your blog and I recognize the same image on it! I swear! The photo I took was not manipulated since my boyfriend snapped it three days ago! Giulia.
Every day I am finding new trails, new hints, but no one has really found Brightly.
Giulia, thanks, because right this way we could save the Text.

You can't imagine what an e-mail means to me.
I am touched by the Words, by the letters and the paper surrounding them, and now surrounding me.
In my future I'm only surrounded by thousand of screens of every possible size.
Can you imagine living in a place where even beggars use cheap, small video screens to ask for alms?
You're Lucky. You live in a world where true communication takes place through writing.
You can't lose this wonderful gift!
I will not permit it.


P.S. Anne, any beer seems good to me as long as the bottle has a label. The brand name and ingredients are written! In this internet cafè, the keyboards has the entire alphabet on it! It's like a dream.
I guess I am follow the right direction.

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