Sunday, September 9, 2007


There is still no help from you, and yet, I really need it.

To save you, to save us.

How can I convince you about the kind of future waiting for us?

In my time no one can read or write.

No one teaches anyone how to do it anymore.

No one wants to learn either.

Everyone is united by a great visual language.

I am one of the few dissidents.

Brightly commenced communication only through images and sound, and just like an epidemic, it spread very quickly.


Everyone followed the Brightly example as if they were fanatic zombies.

First and foremost, the written word was removed from the schools at all levels.

The great reformation generated a devastating return of illiteracy.

Now no one in their right mind wants to learn how to read and write.

They see no purpose in doing so.

Because they rendered communication through images in such a fascinating way.

Perhaps it seems impossible to you that the written word can disappear, but it is just what they accomplished...

Can you imagine your life without text?

In my time text was lost, and with it, also cultures and traditions.

The rainbow of differences that rendered humanity culturally rich and unique was gone forever.

Your world is changing and Brightly is infesting it already.

You can save the world and I am here to help you.

Please, take a look around you.

Contact me, if you notice anything strange happening.


p.s. Hi ya there Anna! Today I saw a man sleeping under a blanket of newspapers. It made me think of how good I feel here, where I can touch the written word. I am completely surrounded by it. Just think of it! I have never felt safer. We cannot lose all this. I will do everything in my power so that you may live like this too.

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