Friday, September 21, 2007


I don’t want to believe we're close to the end.
Another time.
We cannot let them do it.
Take care of what you have.
Don’t let them carry away your books, newspapers and your magazines, don’t let audio and videos be your only source of news.
You will start talking to your computers without keyboars.
Products at the supermarket will talk to you to promote themselves.
Everything will talk.
Everything will move around you.
Everything will be so confused that you will learn to live with a headache. Forever.
We cannot let them do it. Please trust me.
Look around you, watch out.
If something around you has already changed, get in contact with me. Listen to me. Everything you can provide can be very precious.

P.S. I’m giving up my hope, Anne. I thought that I could do something good. But a man alone cannot stop them. Maybe even an army can. Maybe I’m not your hero.

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