Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today I saw the inner part of a classroom through a window.
I never saw a blackboard.
I didn’t learn to write and read at school.
I learned when I was sixteen, when I met a girl named Anne.
Anne showed me another world, an underground world, that desperately attempted to keep text alive.
She told me how everything went so fast, and how everybody left text behind for video communication.
The rebellious against this new world have created SAVE THE TEXT SAVE THE WORDS, and have made their struggle to save text their top priority.
But common people have oppressed them like a sect.
Brightly created their own fanatic defenders.
That’s why I’m here. That’s why I came back in 2007.
To find someone to withstand them with me right now.
Like Jane, who has understood our problem.
Brightly is strong.
They are ready to spread their obscure strength in the world.
But we can resist, we can do it.
‘Cause some of you already opened their eyes. Today this pic came in, to answer Jane’s video. I’m leaving for Rome. I feel that everything started there, in the capital city.

P.S. Anne, this could be a sign. It ought to be. After having lived only a few days of my life with text and I can’t live with out it anymore. I feel like I would die inside without it.

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