Thursday, September 6, 2007


Dear Friends,
In April the 8th in 2020 some major world newspaper and magazines have share the first page to launch the last scream against a probable terrifying tomorrow.
The Brightly egemony was about to start...

Think about it.
Save the text, Save the words.


maykitty11 said...

also even if text is is all in gods will then...either it is a form of punishment or some other reason....He has his ways....everything happens for a reason......

Save The Text Save The Words said...

U have to find Brightly around you.
Please send to us, to your friend, to the people of the world, materials that prove text start to disappear from your world.

As you can see in my photos.

Is not a joke. Text is going to be erased. Brightly is among you.

Save the text, Save The words.
And, maybe, the world.

Unknown said...

one question....what shall we do for you and for the words?

Save The Text Save The Words said...

Read the 3rd post.
Or, if you found the missing letters, you should know what to do.
Save the text Save the words.