Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Time has run out. I failed my mission.
Through the years SAVE THE TEXT SAVE THE WORDS has tried to win the indifference of the people.
It’s the same battle that I’ve tried here.
Some of you have been my allies.
The first thing to do in 2007, like on 2059, is to change people. You have permitted to win.
Without your support, could do nothing.
I will not give up text. I cannot. Especially after this trip. I cannot pretend to be indifferent.
If I will fail, I will watch the decline of text, until its last breathe.

P.S: Anne, I can’t forsake them. I can still save them. Maybe I can organize resistance in advance from here. I know what will happen. I will open their eyes. If I’m a hero like you say, I will sacrifice my life for humanity. I know you will understand. I am staying here.


Anonymous said...

u c nt st p us

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love this. It is a very interesting idea that provokes thought (as I'm sure it is meant to). A few things bother me with this project, however, these things are possibly purposeful to create the right... Atmosphere? For instance, Spelling and grammar is in-consistant/in-correct in places (Though this is possibly to show panic, as it appears to deteriorate over time. However, the lack of text in what is meant to be your current time and the love you show for text would suggest you wanting to succeed in that aspect). This is very nicely done, and I for one like it very much (For the originality and obvious effort put in), and in response to an 'anonymous comment' who said that without text the internet would not survive, this idea clearly shows that all communication and information technology is used in video/audio format so text would not be used as a commercial asset (However, currently you cannot create/format websites with voice commands ((Using commercial programs anyway))), which means that advertising would be perfomed by a speaker or camera-man/woman.

Spirit of Boz said...

Words matters. Your words matters